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There are so many types of ceremonies. I love weddings and they are of course the most common as well as the most complex, having legal elements. That being said, I am qualified for and enjoy conducting many types of ceremonies I would love to help you with your event.


I provide services for:

  • Weddings

  • Commitment Ceremonies

  • Vow Renewals

  • Naming Ceremonies

  • Pet Ceremonies


Is there a custom ceremony that you want to hold? Let me know and we can work together to create something magical!



Having personal values is really important to me. I’m looking forward to aligning the values of The One and Jonesy with your values, as I engage with you through the planning and delivery process of your ceremony. 



I will have honest, transparent and timely communication with you as my client. You will be informed and updated throughout the planning process. I will do what I say and say what I do. 



I want to make sure you are enjoying yourselves in all aspects of the planning! This is a task yes, but with me, it won’t feel like one! I will share your excitement, celebrate with you and help you engage with the content, to create a truly memorable ceremony for you!



I will adhere to all legal regulations and ensure that your wedding ceremony is lawful, recognised and meets the requirements of the Australian government. 


There are a number of different resources that I can provide you with to help plan your ceremony. 


Ceremony bonding or personalised ritual ideas

Many couples would like to include a bonding ritual in their ceremony. These include sand ceremony, wine ceremony, hand binding ritual, promise to children, recognition of family passed, rose ceremony, candle ceremony and many more!

Suggested wedding structure

I can guide you through the various options that help create a beautiful ceremony, and personalise it to your needs. I have similar outlines to share with other types of ceremonies. Together we will discover what works for you and create something truly special for your big day.


Changing your name

Once you’re married, if you choose to change your name, there are a myriad of places that you’ll need to notify with your new name! I have a pre-arranged list to help you through this task.


Relationship Assistance Services

Before you commit to your partner in marriage, some couples often find it helpful to obtain some relationship assistance services. If this is something that you’re interested in, I would be happy to assist you in locating a service that will meet your specific circumstances.


Contact me today to get a copy of the resources that you’re interested in!

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