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Who I Am

My name is Katie Jones-Watson and I am an authorised marriage celebrant. This means that I am approved and registered to conduct a marriage ceremony that is accepted by law. I am also qualified to conduct commitment ceremonies, vow renewals, naming ceremonies and pet ceremonies!

I live in the northern suburbs of Brisbane with my husband Murray, who is the inspiration behind The One and Jonesy. We moved up here from Sydney in 2020, and love living here with our 3 Japanese Spitz dogs. I'm also quite a fan of the Greater Western Sydney Giants in the AFL. My career background is in sales and marketing. I love getting to know people and building relationships. I value communication and genuine conversation - sometimes hard to find in a world of technology and convenience these days!

Why I Became a Celebrant

I loved the journey of becoming a celebrant! It was my sister who actually inspired me to get moving with the accreditation. When she became engaged in January 2020, and knew I had been looking at the course anyway, we both figured it made perfect sense. So I spent lockdowns in 2020 completing the requirements so that I could finally join my sister and brother-in-law in marriage in April 2021 (cue my mum's tears!)


Planning their ceremony opened my eyes to ways that I could help her and I started to wonder how fulfilling it would be to make a real difference in people’s lives; how fulfilling it would be to help other couples’ dreams come true, be it for their wedding ceremony, commitment ceremony, vow renewal or naming ceremony.

So The One and Jonesy was born!

Being a celebrant is an absolute joy – no wedding is ever the same and it’s amazing how creative EVERY couple can be in designing their special day. Whenever I am booked, I remember what a privilege it is to be involved in such a special moment. I never take this for granted!

My Offer!

Holding your ceremony is as simple as A-B-C!


Let’s take the first step and meet up! I’d love to hear all about you and your story! You can also get to know me and you will understand my approach, my style and my personality. I will introduce you to some ceremony outlines and hopefully give you some food for thought so you can start putting some ideas together about what you’d like to include in your ceremony. I’d love nothing more than to give you a personalised, meaningful ceremony that shows your characters and reflects your mutual commitment. I offer this service either face-to-face or virtually.


Let’s get down to business! Based on your wishes and any suggestions that you may need from me. Based on your story, I will manage and write you a customised ceremony. We can work together but let me do the heavy lifting for you! You’ll be able to review and amend anything that you wish, to ensure that you are happy with a beautifully finished service for me to deliver for you. The planning is fun! Often things may come up that you hadn’t thought about or might not expect – I am here to support and guide you through the ceremony planning and ensure that what you want is exactly what you get. I’m extremely flexible, so whether it’s humour, multimedia, family involvement or even a costume to tie in with your theme, I’ll be with you 100%! Think of me as your ceremony fairy godmother!


Let’s conduct your ceremony! Prior to the day, we will do a quick rehearsal which is mostly a run through of the ceremony to make sure that all resources and any momentos or “props” are ready to go, and that we both know where you need to be and when. For all types of ceremonies, I will make sure any and all relevant parties are informed. This includes but isn’t limited to bridal party, witnesses, venue coordinators/contacts, anyone conducting a reading or included in a bonding ritual, godparents, parents, children, even pets, and anyone that plays a role within the ceremony. On the day I will follow through with all the plans that we’ve made. All I want to do is make your ceremony dreams come true!

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